Star/Moon Design for @Jadahdoll

Star-nails.jpg moon-nails.jpg star-and-moon-nails.jpg night-nails.jpg starry-night-nails.jpg starry-nailart.jpg

Star&Moon Nails for @Jadahdoll

Jadah is helping me by modeling my nails for my online site. This specific design was her idea. She requested a star& moontheme and this is what I came up with. She’s putting it on her ig so look out for it soon. These nails will be for sale at ( after Jadah displays them on her IG. Btw her comics,fashion and everything else is fab go follow her ig @jadahdoll and check out her YouTube vids for hair and make up tutorials, username:CALLJADAHDOLL. Thanks Lovies❤

My Very First Post❤

Hey Lovies,

For my first post I decided to add a few photos of my most liked nail art from my Instagram account (@lacquerlove_). I know I’m not so great yet but I got a lot of great feedback for these posts and I have enough inspiration and motivation to grow in my newly found craft. I wasn’t going to start blogging until I bought my well desired Canon Rebel t4i because I wanted all my pics to be perfect like I see on many other nail blogs but it is a journey right? Not everyone’s journey starts out perfect including mine. I have a lot of hard work to do but I know it will be worth it and a lot of fun. I feel really fortunate to already have inspired a few of my IG followers and I’m happy to be answering questions, giving advice and helping them out!

Mustache-nails.jpg rhinestone-nails.jpg easter-nails.jpg mint-nails.jpg glitter-nails.jpg nail-art.jpg 3d-nailart.jpg

This is one of two designs I did for Easter this year

3d-nailart.jpg 3d-nails.jpg revlon-minted-nail-polish.jpg bow-nails.jpg mint-nails.jpg pastel-nails.jpg spring-nails.jpg -polka-dot-nails.jpg cute-nails.jpg

This is the 2nd mani I did for Easter ’13